Safeguarding skilled tradesmen and property owners with specialized contractor’s insurance

shutterstock_183638237-2Seasonable spring weather has finally arrived and with that comes the desire to schedule those much-needed repairs and home improvements. Homeowners recognize and appreciate the importance of having a skilled, experienced contractor perform work on their home. Reputable contractors, in turn, understand that the best way to safeguard their livelihood is through a comprehensive contractor’s insurance policy through OceanPoint.

Whether applying a fresh coat of paint to a home’s exterior, or adding a new sunroom, successful contractors know that using the best materials ensures a positive job completion. Just as important is making sure that the job is insured against personal injury, mishap or financial loss. In addition to facing the risk of accident or injury with each job, contractors are also held to strict standards by their customers.

OceanPoint understands the unique needs of contractors and offers a variety of options to help secure their business. Contractor general liability insurance provides protection from a variety of potentially expensive circumstances, including liability claims and lawsuits. Additionally, the safety and security of those on the job site, as well as the structures being built, must also be considered within the policy.

Coverage options include:

  • General Liability Insurance is a fundamental component of contractors insurance. If you find yourself on the unfortunate side of a lawsuit or other financially pressing issue, general liability will provide the protection you need.
  • Workers’ Compensation is essential for covering costs such as medical expenses acquired by an injured person due to an accident on the job, or for lost wages for an employee who falls ill or injured.

OceanPoint Insurance has been providing contractors with a higher-level of insurance protection for generations. Our agents possess the knowledge and experience to design a customized insurance package for your specific needs and budget.

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Moving to a new apartment or condo? Make renters insurance a top priority

shutterstock_227703367-2Watching the local news this winter, we all witnessed the many devastating fires that destroyed countless homes and businesses. While homeowners and business owners are provided assistance with rebuilding their lives through their insurance policies, many renters found out the hard way that their personal belongings are not protected.

If you are currently renting an apartment or condominium and have not secured adequate renters insurance, your property and belongings are not shielded from theft, damage or total loss.

Many renters are unaware that their landlords’ insurance policy strictly covers the property that is owned by the landlord. Though their policy may cover structural damage to your living space, renters insurance fully protects you and your belongings in the case of an accident or natural disaster. Moreover, renters insurance also provides financial assistance to cover any added living expenses you may incur should your apartment become uninhabitable for any reason.

In addition to replacing your stolen or damaged items, renters insurance will also provide liability protection against any injury or loss sustained by guests of your residence, and could pay for necessary repairs if you were to damage another renter’s apartment.

Renters insurance is a smart, cost-effective way to ensure that your home and valuables are protected.

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