OceanPoint Named One of Rhode Island’s Best Places to Work

BPTW2014_LogoOceanPoint Insurance Agency has been named one of the 2014 Best Places to Work in Rhode Island. The Best Places to Work program is presented by the Providence Business News (PBN), and is based on the program created and conducted by the Best Companies Group.

This statewide survey and awards program is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of employment in Rhode Island, benefiting the state’s economy, its workforce and businesses. This annual list is assembled based on the evaluation of confidential surveys of employees and management reports.

“We are honored to be included among the 2014 Best Places to Work in Rhode Island,” said Doug Mayhew, President/CEO of OceanPoint Insurance Agency. “OceanPoint values the hard work and dedication of all our employees. Our company strives to foster a positive, supportive environment to ensure the continued success of our entire team.”

Companies from across the state participated in the two-part survey to determine the Best Places to Work in Rhode Island. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process in Rhode Island and also analyzed the data and used their expertise to determine the final rankings.

OceanPoint was one of 18 small businesses chosen for the award. All 50 chosen Best Places To Work will be honored by PBN on June 12 at the Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick.

For more information on the Best Places to Work in Rhode Island program, visit www.BestPlacesToWorkRI.com.

If Spring Flooding Happens, Will you be Prepared?

shutterstock_37537042Spring is here, meaning the rainy season has begun, which poses risk for flooding. Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States, so it’s important we prepare for the potential disaster.

The average waiting period for a flood insurance policy to take effect is 30 days, so act now before it’s too late.

Flooding is common in our area, and there are a variety of ways floods can develop. Some develop slowly, while others such as flash floods, can occur within a few minutes or hours of excessive rainfall. Excessive rainfall can cause overland flooding, which is when waterways such as rivers or streams overflow. The resulting water flow can exceed the capacity of underground pipes or the capacity of streets and drains, which can flood surrounding areas.

With the change in weather already approaching, it’s crucial you make sure you and your family are protected. We urge you to maximize your protection plan by investing in flood insurance to mitigate the potentially large price tag that comes with flood damage for uninsured.

Many homeowners find out the hard way that a basic home or rental policy does not cover damage from flooding. If your home were to fall victim to flash flooding or excessive rain, your homeowners insurance policy would not pay for any repairs. Even if your property is not located in a designated high-risk flood zone flooding incidents can happen anywhere, anytime. According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), about 25% of all flood insurance claims are from areas that are not deemed high-risk.

We encourage you to talk to your OceanPoint Insurance agent about adding a flood insurance policy today to ensure your home and its contents are safe.

Call OceanPoint Insurance today at 847-5200, for more information on your flood insurance options.

Compare the Rates of Multiple Insurance Carriers in One Place, OceanPointIns.com!

We all need insurance, but with the wide variety of options available and companies to choose from, deciding on which policy is right for you can be over whelming. As an independent insurance agency, we have the ability to offer you rates from multiple insurance companies. We are able to rate prospective insurance applicants using a comparative rater and figure out at what premium you are eligible to purchase insurance.

If you choose one insurance company, the rate they give you is the rate that one company believes you qualify for. OceanPoint has a comparative rating system that allows you to compare the rates of a variety of insurance companies right on our website, so you can choose which company best fits your needs.

No insurance policy is a one-size-fits-all, and you don’t know which company fits best until you explore all your options. To receive a quote for homeowners, auto, or life insurance, visit the quote page of our website and fill out the required form. An agent will then contact you with quotes from multiple insurance carriers based on the information you provided.

At OceanPoint we strive to ensure all of our clients are satisfied with our service, and we continuously look for ways to save you money while offering you superior coverage at competitive rates. With our comparative rating system, you are able to review all of your options from the comfort of your own home, when it is convenient for you.

OceanPoint effectively provides you with a fast and accurate insurance quote. For more information about our quote options, call our office today at 847-5200, or visit the quote page of our website to start comparing rates today.


OceanPoint Employees Earn CPIA Designation


Stephanie Federici, financial services account manager, Doug Guilbert, account executive, and Christina Mohr, commercial lines account manager, were awarded the Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA) designation at the Independent Agents of RI Annual Education Awards Luncheon.

The CPIA designation recognizes leaders in the insurance industry for professionalism, commitment to sales training, and technical results.

To earn the designation, Stephanie, Doug, and Christina attended three Insurance Success Seminars designed to enhance the ability of producers, sales support staff, and company personnel to efficiently create and distribute effective insurance programs.

The seminars and completed coursework included implementing risk identification strategies and systems, developing specific methods for maintaining high legal and ethical standards, and assimilating customer needs to create a customized protection program.

Stephanie, Doug, and Christina’s dedication to achieving the CPIA designation is an example of how all OceanPoint employees hold themselves to the highest standard and are committed to providing the best service possible.

Get an Instant Life Insurance Quote Now!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 2.13.32 PMOceanPoint Insurance Agency is always looking for ways to enhance our services. In order to better serve our customers, you now have the ability to receive a free Term Life Insurance quote right from our website.

Life Insurance is one of the most important investments you will make during your lifetime. With the chaos of everyday life, it’s easy to put off important time-consuming tasks, such as looking at your Life Insurance options.

With our new instant quote tool, located on the Financial Services page of our website, you can easily compare rates of the insurance companies we represent. You can now review your options right from the comfort of your own home, when it is convenient for you.

For an instant quote, simply select your benefit amount, length of term, premium option, and whether you are a smoker or non-smoker, and we can provide you with an instant quote.

It is a fast and easy way to review your Term Life Insurance options. Receive your free personalized quote today to see how affordable it really is.

For more information about your Life Insurance options, call OceanPoint Insurance at 401-847-5200.

Couldn’t Avoid that Pothole? You Could Receive Reimbursement for the Damage

shutterstock_61395181We’re at that time of the year when potholes start turning up left and right. This year the roads are filled with them, and we find ourselves swerving all over the road trying to avoid them.  However, avoiding every pothole is easier said than done and many of them have the potential to cause serious damage to your car.

Often times we don’t see one, or it’s filled with water disguising itself as a puddle and we don’t have time to avoid it.

If you hit a pothole that causes damage to your car, are you supposed to pay for that? 

If you pay out of pocket to fix the damages caused by the pothole, you could be reimbursed for up to $300 to cover the cost of repairs. Depending on which road, whether it was a state or city road, you can file a claim with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), or the city and receive reimbursement, if your claim is approved.

To ensure proper reimbursement, you must follow these steps when filing a claim with RIDOT:

1. Within 7-days of the incident, the registered vehicle owner must submit a letter to RIDOT stating the exact time, date, and location of the incident.

  • The letter must be post marked or received within 7-calendar-days of the incident.

2. You have up to 60-days to provide the following:

  • A copy of a police report, a tow receipt or an auto club report verifying the incident
  • A copy of the valid RI registration for the vehicle
  • Copies of itemized, paid receipts with a proof of payment provided; the current odometer reading must be on the repair bill

If the damage occurred on an Interstate highway, and your car was not disabled or you do not have a tow receipt or auto club report, often times the State Police is the correct agency from which motorists should seek a pothole incident report form.

There are no guarantees with any claim made to RIDOT, and the pothole claim law only applies to cars registered in Rhode Island. The pothole law is only effective for non-residents if their vehicle is registered in a state that has a reciprocal pothole law (such a state would afford similar protections to Rhode Island-registered vehicles in its state).

If you choose to file a claim with your auto insurance company, you should know the damages would only be covered if you have collision insurance and that your deductible would apply. Make sure you take pictures of the damage right away, and if it is safe you should take a picture of the pothole as well to help process the claim.

For more information on pothole damage reimbursement and for help when filing a claim call OceanPoint Insurance at 401-847-5200.

Safety Tips for Today’s Storm and Future Winter Weather Conditions

In addition to preventing frozen pipes, be sure you have an emergency kit both at home and in your car filled with supplies in case of a large storm.

Your emergency kit should include:

  • Rock salt to melt the ice.
  • Kitty litter or sand to build traction.
  • Snow shovels and snow removal tools.
  • Sufficient heating fuel. You may become isolated in your home and regular fuel sources may be cut off. If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove be sure to have a good supply of dry, seasoned wood.
  • Adequate clothing and blankets to keep you warm.

About 70% of winter deaths related to snow and ice occur in automobiles.

Here are some tips to for safe driving during winter conditions:

  • Keep your gas tank full.
  • Install good winter tires with adequate tread.
  • Keep a windshield scraper for ice and snow removal.
  • Keep your windshield wiper fluid filled.
  • In the event your car begins to spin out of control, here’s what you should do:
    • Don’t slam on the brakes.
    • When you begin to skid, take your foot off the gas and shift to neutral, quickly, then steer in the direction you want your car to go.
    • Before the rear wheels stop skidding, shift to drive and gently press the accelerator.

Avoid driving during heavy snowstorms and very icy conditions. However, if you must drive, take all the proper precautions to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Call OceanPoint Insurance at 401-847-5200 for more information on how to keep your loved ones safe. 

The Winter Weather is Here – Are Your Pipes Prepared to Endure the Cold?

At OceanPoint Insurance, we want to make sure you’re properly educated on how to prevent loss and damage to your home. With the cold New England weather occurring today, it’s important you know what steps to take in order to ensure your home is prepared for winter weather.

Frozen pipes are very common and can lead to extensive water damage. However, this common occurrence is also highly preventable. While sudden and accidental water damage from plumbing systems is covered under most standard homeowners insurance policies it is always best to take precautions to avoid loss entirely.

Frozen pipes mostly occur when temperatures are 20°F or below and pipes in attics, crawl spaces and outside walls are the most vulnerable to freezing.  

Here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes in your home:

  • Leave the heat on in your home to a minimum of 55ºF during bitterly cold conditions.
  • Insulate vulnerable pipes that are accessible with insulation sleeves or wrappings which can be purchased at a local hardware or plumbing store.
  • Cracks and holes in outside walls and foundations near water pipes should be sealed with caulking to keep cold wind away from the pipes.
  • Use all of your plumbing fixtures at some point during the day to keep water flowing.
  • Drain and then cover all external faucets.
  • Keep the indoor faucets running at a slow drip to maintain water flow.

If you experience extensive water damage, turn off the water supply as soon as possible.

Call OceanPoint Insurance at 401-847-5200 for more tips on how to keep your home protected this winter.

OceanPoint Announces the Addition of Raymond Insurance

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Middletown, RI – January 6, 2014

OceanPoint Insurance Agency has announced that it has acquired Raymond Insurance of Coventry, RI, to expand insurance services in the West Bay area.  Additionally, Kim Raymond, principal of Raymond Insurance, has accepted the position of Vice President of West Bay Operations for OceanPoint.

Recognizing the opportunity to join forces with Kim Raymond, who has a proven track-record in the insurance industry, Doug Mayhew, president and CEO of OceanPoint Insurance, said, “We are pleased to welcome Kim and Raymond Insurance to the OceanPoint team.  Kim is a dedicated insurance professional, who is very involved in her community; we look forward to working with her to strengthen our market share in the West Bay.”

Raymond is also pleased to join such a trusted and professional insurance agency: “OceanPoint Insurance has a tremendous reputation for customer service making this a very good fit for Raymond Insurance.  The clients of Raymond Insurance can also look forward to a greater selection of products and services offered through OceanPoint,” said Kim Raymond.

About OceanPoint Insurance

Headquartered in Middletown, Rhode Island, OceanPoint Insurance Agency, Inc. provides a broad range of property casualty insurance products, in addition to a full array of financial services. Along with BankNewport, OceanPoint Insurance Agency, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Mutual Holding Company, OceanPoint Financial Partners, MHC. Tracing its roots back to 1863, OceanPoint Insurance Agency, Inc. is proud to serve the insurance needs of clients from two full service offices located in Middletown and Barrington, Rhode Island, forming one of the largest independent insurance agency operations in southeastern New England.

For more information, visit www.oceanpointins.com.

About Raymond Insurance Agency

Raymond Insurance Agency was founded in 1999 at its current location in Coventry, Rhode Island. Kim Raymond has been a Certified Insurance Counselor since 1997 and is an active member of the insurance community, currently serving on the Board of the Directors of the Independent Insurance Agents of RI.

For more information, please visit www.raymondagency.com.


Properly Insure all of Your Valuable Holiday Gifts

shutterstock_61421437Plan on giving the gift of luxury this holiday season? Are you expecting an expensive piece of jewelry? Well, it is important that you know how to properly protect all of your jewelry and other valuable items during the gift-giving times.

Most standard homeowners policies protect your home and the items you own inside, but only up to a certain dollar amount. To insure your valuable items, you can purchase an extension or a “rider” that can be added on to your renters or homeowners policy to protect against theft or loss.

It is crucial you have your gift appraised because it’s important to know exactly how much your jewelry is worth to make certain you’re adequately insured. The value of a piece of jewelry depends on many factors, such as condition, age, color and clarity of the stones and the style.

You should also remember to keep any receipts that show the date you bought the piece, how much you paid for it, and where you purchased it. This should also be kept with a photograph of your item.

For more information on this important insurance coverage, please call OceanPoint insurance at 847.5200.