Employee Directory

OceanPoint Middletown

500 West Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842
800-786-4666 (Toll Free)
401-848-5071 (Fax)

Name E-mail Phone Title
Ana Aguiar aaguiar@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1136 Commercial Account Manager
Jodi Baker jbaker@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1100 Administrative Assistant
Sabrina Borges sborges@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1167 Assistant Personal Account Manager
Alison Carreiro acarreiro@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1139 Vice President of Operations
Nancy Cassiere ncassiere@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1140 Personal Account Manager
Jennifer Catanzaro jcatanzaro@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1104 Accounting
Gwen Chamberlin gchamberlin@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1123 Commercial Account Manager
Matthew F. Clarke mclarke@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1145 Vice President/Personal Lines Manager
Vrania Coelho vcoelho@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1173 Account Executive
Terry Cornman tcornman@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1126 Accounting
Kerry Costa kcosta@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1118 Personal Lines Sales Coordinator
Kasey Crocker kcrocker@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1150 Personal Account Manager
Susana DeSousa sdesousa@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1141 Personal Account Manager
Michele E. Dolliff mdolliff@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1110 Senior Account Executive
Laurie Dufour ldufour@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1164 Commercial Account Manager
Jennifer Hanus jhanus@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1129 Commercial Lines Marketing
Wendy Harvey wharvey@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1144 Personal Account Manager
John Kaull jkaull@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1103 Vice President/Commercial Lines Manager
John La Rocca, Sr. jlarocca@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1149 Account Executive
Doug Mayhew dmayhew@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1125 President and CEO
Aaron McDonald amcdonald@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1113 Commercial Account Manager
Melissa McNaughton mmcnaughton@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1166 Assistant Commercial Account Manager
Laura Meadows lmeadows@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1128 Assistant Vice President/Accounting Manager
Lisa Merola lmerola@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1134 Commercial Account Manager
Fatima A. Milhomens fmilhomens@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1116 Personal Account Manager
Christina Mohr cmohr@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1112 Commercial Account Manager
Kyle Murphy kmurphy@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1137 Financial Services Account Manager
Chanda Khea ckhea@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1185 Accounting
Jessica Shelton jshelton@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1122 Personal Account Manager
Danielle Shorey dshorey@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1164 Assistant Personal Account Manager
Patricia Stuckey pstuckey@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1117 Personal Account Manager
Sam S. Sylvester ssylvester@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1124 Vice President/Financial Services Manager

OceanPoint Barrington

26 Bosworth St
Barrington, RI 02806
800-786-4666 (Toll Free)
401-245-3902 (Fax)

Name E-mail Phone Title
Matthew Amaral mamaral@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1121 Senior Account Executive
Andrea Claypool aclaypool@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1142 Assistant Personal Account Manager
Linda Cook lcook@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1109 Commercial Account Manager
Robert D. Cook Jr. rcook@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1108 Senior Vice President/CFO
John Godinho jgodinho@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1107 Account Executive
Nicole Komiega nkomiega@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1115 Personal Account Manager
Frank Legro flegro@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1119 Senior Account Executive

OceanPoint Coventry

730 Centre of New England Blvd
Coventry, RI 02816
401-826-4499 (Fax)

Name E-mail Phone Title
Kim Raymond kraymond@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1160 Vice President/West Bay Operations
Jeffrey S. Reed jreed@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1138 Personal Account Manager
Raquel Card rcard@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1162 Assistant Personal Account Manager

OceanPoint North Kingstown

1130 Ten Rod Rd # B202
North Kingstown, RI 02852

Name E-mail Phone Title
Tom Regan tregan@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1191 Vice President
Kathy Christopher kchristopher@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1189 Vice President
Renee Andrus randrus@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1190 Commercial Lines Supervisor
Daniel Lemay dlemay@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1192 Account Executive
Christine Russell crussell@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1184 Commercial Account Manager
Camille Tantimonico ctantimonico@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1186 Commercial Account Manager
Nancy Desjarlais ndesjarlais@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1187 Commercial Account Manager
Claire Thayer cthayer@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1183 Commercial Account Manager
Andrea Lembo alembo@oceanpointins.com 401-367-1188 Personal Account Manager