Paquin Insurance Agency

In April 2019, the Paquin Insurance Agency joined OceanPoint’s growing organization in Rhode Island. The agency now operates as OceanPoint Tiverton.

“When we learned that OceanPoint was looking to expand in the region, it made sense to join an organization that shares our values and can provide additional options for our personal and business customers”  ~ Rick Paquin

Paquin Insurance

OceanPoint Tiverton

651 Main Rd
Tiverton, RI 02878
401-625-6630 (Fax)

The OceanPoint Tiverton Employee Directory:

Rachel 401-367-1156Assistant Personal Account Manager
Cristina Caporaletticcaporaletti@oceanpointins.com401-367-1155Personal Account Manager
Greg Paquingpaquin@oceanpointins.com401-367-1152Account Executive
Rick Paquinrpaquin@oceanpointins.com401-367-1151Vice President/ East Bay Operations
Michaela Robitaillemrobitaille@oceanpointins.com401-367-1154Personal Account Manager
Danielle Shoreydshorey@oceanpointins.com401-367-1164Personal Account Manager
Christine Trippctripp@oceanpointins.com401-367-1153Account Executive
Sandy Voborilsvoboril@oceanpointins.com401-367-1157Assistant Personal Account Manager